Dear No One

3년 전

This night I felt inspired, and I wrote a poem for those who have not met the love of their lives (including me).

I'll appreciate your comments.

Dear No One

We are souls,
separated by distance.
We might get close,
but never closer.

Surrounded by people.
surrounded by silence.

I am waiting,
I am hoping,
you might be here.

I haven’t met you.
You are no one.
But dear no one,
I want you.

I cannot have you,
without drowning
into this ocean
full of feelings.

But I need you;
to be with me,
to get to know me,
to get to love me.


Thanks for reading, guys!

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Beautiful poem. the sadness of the obvious longing is superseded by the irony of certainty. Self love precedes loving others, they say (lack of it may preclude loving others). This speaker thinks highly enough of herself/himself as to promise bliss in her/his company. That's promising.
An ocean of feelings need not drawn their travelers. It can and should allow them to shorten distances and get away from sadness and closer to happiness.
Keep writing


Thanks for visiting, and I'm glad you liked it. I'll continue writing. :)