Poem: Desert country

2년 전

Hello friends, I would like to express a poem by means of this post, a satire, my vision and experience in the day to day in Venezuela, I hope you like it.


Photo by Fabian Struwe on Unplash

Welcome to a desert country
the yellow minotaur has never been seen here
but we walk through the labyrinth of its streets
in the ravine of history
dismembering the pockets of the neighbor
and sculpting sadness in the faces

Welcome to the desert country
Here Medusa is a cell phone
and María Lionza a tobacco reading
in the oracle of sorte
projecting everything good with some branches

Welcome everyone and nobody
to the collective silence of private massacres
to the abandonment of swings and slides
to the shortage roaring hungry
as the king of concrete

Welcome to the desert country
Here a political prisoner is a saint of corruption
and we praise him for his freedom
Here jail is the real workshop of literature
who handles the grammar at will
and reggaeton the poetry that climbs hills
The laws are science fiction literature and whoever does not make you a scam is a true hero of love

Welcome to the pigsty
that we ourselves have created in less than seven days
Here, instead of desecrating,
Here the illustrious shine the boots to the ruler
while together they despise ignorant popular culture
Here we sing more than the anthem but we do not feel it in us
the worst violence that exists to leave the spaces that now are not free.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem, have a nice day.

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Meaningfull !!!


Thank you <3 <3

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welcome to #steemschools where we met
very good post and work

Wow! Very nice poem, although I understand where it comes from is not a nice place. I have been to Venezuela briefly in better days, and even then it wasn't the best place to be, but from what i heard and saw lately it has gone worse... I am a Restless Soul @poetsunited Discord and we would love to have you there, we promote each others works and curate only poetry and prose. https://discord.gg/X4qzgD