Empty isn't it?

9개월 전


Nothing, nobody simply vacant

Can't do right by them

Can't shout that noisy

I am in obscurity can't get out off" said my heart crying

"It is contacting" answered my brain

" you were so kind

Be that as it may, that wasn't right

No spot in this world for sorts




This ain't the world for them

Meriting what they don't merit

They resemble false blossoms developed

Listen sibling

They don't need u

They needn't bother with u

U are useless

U are pointless

Stop,stop beating, quit attempting"

Talked my sort

"I won't stop

I won't quit beating

I won't quit attempting

I will bow before my god

What's more, ask for benevolence

Kindness for being thoughtful

What a world

What a real existence

Tree of torment developing all over me

Water of disorder suffocating me

I appreciate marvel of nature

Be that as it may, not when they are against me

May u hear what I state

Animals of god

An address the body

Hand, don't cut ur twin sibling

He have sat idle

Eyes, don't lose ur water

Cuz u don't have cash

Legs, quit strolling

Cuz u don't know where ur going

All of u will do as I state

For whatever length of time that I am beating

Sibling mind

A debt of gratitude is in order for the exhortation

Yet, it worth nothing"

Talked my heart delicately.

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