Let us right the wrongs!

9개월 전


They celebrate

At the point when love blurs,

However when their issues come up short

They go to God and implore

With their mouths they revile,

With their hands they wreck,

Those equivalent hands

They tab us on our backs

Articulate some warm words,

At that point turn those backs

Spread lies and expectation misfortune on us,

When we grin

They simply grimace,

When we take a gander at them

At that point they imagine

Where is mankind,

Sisterhood, fraternity and mental soundness?

Give us a chance to trust,

In spite of the fact that with our disposition

We can be depending on something that isn't guaranteed.

That is significantly better,

Superior to the despise among us,

Give us a chance to act human by and by,

Lift each other up,

Not this battle about cash,

Or then again any posessions of the world,

We're not digging in for the long haul,

Home anticipates for us,

We can't bear to devide

Stop the disdain,

Begin to grasp our sort!

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