Our First Embrace

9개월 전


I recall that night like it was yesterday

Every scene so clear in my brain

Also, I leave those minutes on replay

In inquiry always however never to discover

The manner in which it felt to hold her nearby

What's more, feel her heart in beat

The manner in which her fragrance was an overdose

I could have dissolved tragically

She was a sight like nothing else on earth

She was the light no precious stones could be value

Such a great amount of more noteworthy than simple men merited

However I couldn't stand to release her

Our First grasp had occurred

Sensed that it extended through reality

it Exsisted just for me to taste

All the warmth I've never known

Her look had left me in a stupor

What's more, without a word that I could state

Denied My will to leave

T'was the most marvel I'd at any point been appeared

Indeed Our first grasp had occurred

What's more, imparted a need none could eradicate

I'm Forever gratefull for that favored day

At the point when my heart discovered it's direction home

She is the one thing I didn't anticipate

Regardless of where I go my considerations tail me

I can never get away from my need to discover her heart

Nothing would ever shape a spirit been destroyed

Be that as it may, the benevolence of a holy messenger

Furthermore, the consideration she provided for me

I would give my life to spare her

In the event that At least her grin I'd see

She was all I had anticipated

In spite of the fact that I couldn't envision it

It appeared as though she was only a fantasy

Be that as it may, with her my consideration was most secure

What's more, a closer bond I haven't felt

In shorter time than we were managed

Unbelievable this appears to me

Be that as it may, in graciousness lies genuine riches

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