Raw Words (SteemitPoetryContest #14)

3년 전

Raw Words

“Fight, fight for glory,” they said
“Just, just come home safe,” she prayed
But at the end there’s nothing left but
A boulevard of shattered dreams and
A broken mom kneeling on her knees, crying–
three words, that echoes, lingers,
“Why, God, why?”

It’s quiet and empty, go ahead, take a breath
Odorless, gaseous, harbinger of Death,
The gas – it’s as insidious as the invisible tension
Makes us wonder what happened to inclusion
The flaming trucks that Rocked the City Black,
No, this ain’t Burning Man but, burning flags
Now when the dust settles,
You see the broken cradles, abandoned
Like the faith in the words,
“Why, God, why?”

As we walk the fine line between
Civilization or, Israel and Palestine,
Flying war cries, thundering obscenities
They say war is what happens
when language fails in the vicinity
of prejudice, bigotry, and religious fanaticism
So instead of asking “why, God, why?”
Shouldn’t we be reflecting upon the words,
“Why, Man, why?”

Poet's Note

I tried my best to limit each stanza to four lines, but I felt that it was too restricting - it was as if someone was tightening a noose around my jugular as I wrote - I just couldn't express myself completely. Don't worry - I'll understand if my entry gets disqualified, but I really wish you give it a read anyway. Thank you for the opportunity, @terrycraft!

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