SteemitPoetryContest #15: CryptoNight

3년 전


The night is dark and full of terrors
Shadowed demons, prancing, preening, invisible claws,
What’s on the Blockchain has no errors,
’Cause it’s immutable, irreversible, free of flaws.

The moon is spooning with the clouds,
Glowing crescent, waxing, waning, an amorphous sliver,
Cries of “it’s mooning” ring aloud,
Little do they know, Bitcoin Gold is now Bitcoin Silver.

Be careful when you hop on the crypto-cruise,
For it’s full of smart contracts and dumb investors,
Only invest what you can afford to lose,
For the night is dark and full of terrors.

This poem was specifically written for Steemit Poetry Contest #15 by @terrycraft

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wonderful :)congrats man !


Thank you so much bro! I thought that I'd followed you - would love if we could connect on Steemit and support each other on this journey!


yes i followed you too :)


Perfect! Let's stay in touch!