The Turning Face of Hope

3년 전



Sputtering on uncertainties
A world full of decisions

Are they really mine to make?

How much have I destroyed by merely touching?
or daring to glance?
by simply hoping?

Hoping is the crusher of dreams.

It comes in, radiant
and fills the room
like a million falling stars
twinkling with assurances
"all will go as planned".

as you bathe in its luster
that hope is cleverly disguised as


It flips and turns like coins

fortune does not always
favor the brave

Fortune favors the wealthy.

Hope is vengeful and unforgiving.

It tears you asunder
when it changes its name.

Maybes echo in my ears
deafening and somehow silent
Screeching when the name becomes

For plans that are laid bare and broken


into pieces far too small
to gather up and make whole again

I have pulverized everything I've loved
With the weight of my longing.

My greed.

I am the idle and complacent creeping black
that makes that coin to spin.

In the shadows of mistakes and miscalculations
Resentment will surely flourish.

For myself.
And all these precious things I've broken.

For these things I could never afford.


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fortune favours the wealthy :D

you tell yourself, stay cool
don't give it all away but
you cant help yourself
you smile and you fall
prey ...(yagh well ... always been better at re-mixes , i think i totally get it :)


:p :p :p ... i'll be coming back for more hahah

Hope! Hope !! Hope!!!

Plan! Plan!! Plan!!!
...................... thereafter mistakes??

and shatered Sweet Dreams😄😃

Yes! There exist THICK Layers between HOPE and SUCCESS which may never be destroyed to access the latter. But Without HOPE, the Goal Post of SUCCESS is Invisible. Thus no Goal of SUCCESS is ATTAINABLE
Thanks @adsactly through @stitchybitch for this wonderful poem

"hope is cleverly disguised as Maybe"
Ouch, you cause me great depression.
Not because your words are false, but because they are true.
science fiction, fantasy, erotica

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@stichybitch welcome to the world of poetry

Dark and moving. Fortune favors the brave takes me back to a friend that used to say that a lot when playing Risk. Thank you for the memory.

Great work friend @stitchybitch! congratulations!