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There are some really cool things going on in the steemit poetry community- and I need you all to know about it. So, while normally I am a poetry curator (and will be upvoting poetry... don't you worry!), I will also be upvoting people who are doing good work to support poets within the sphere. People have asked what they need to do to get curated, and ultimately, its about being involved in the goal here- to give poetry a place on steemit where it can be rewarded! If you are writing good stuff, promote it! Get involved in discord groups that are working with poetry. Comment on poets and help get them connected with groups. Believe it or not, social media is about being social (which I could be better at, but you know!)

So a scroll through your old poems and decide which poems you want to resurrect and then drop the link below.

The Dead Poem Society Contest by @prydefoltz fills this strange little niche created by the systems of steemit- how do poets continue to get paid for work published on steemit after the 7 day payout period? Ultimately, this contest is a great way to get previous work noticed, which will hopefully get your current work noticed which will hopefully make you internet famous. Or at least a whale. Dream big buttercup.

My Lady in White,
you will be safe there.
No Prince Charming will come crashing,
to wake you, to take you, by force.

When Love Dies by @geekorner takes a fascinating divergence from his usual verbose style. As much as I love The Thunder God's poetry, I wanted to talk about the things he is doing for the community as much (or more) than his poetry. @geekorner has been working in @isleofwrite's discord server for ages, giving feedback and moderating the chats. He works tirelessly and professionally to support poets. Poetry Class Critique post is past payout, however, it is really exciting to hear the live critque of a poem, and to have the opportunity to get feedback on your own poetry. Professionally, people pay a lot of money for that kind of service, which steemians are offering for free!

We were playing war-start;
Kpo! Kpo!! People were falling anyhow
As they ran away leaving slippers
But I swear, the film is yet to start.

NAIJAPIDGIN HANGOUT by @warpedpoetic is a fascinating insight into the culture and language of Nigeria. The translation itself is a fascinating process, as some of the onomonopeia and specific nouns do not completely translate.

Yet you wait for winding winds,
Or chances few that nature brings.
Be thick in air, you winged thing,
Make scared the life to which you cling.

A Foreign Pulling by @dantanner uses couplet rhyme scheme to communicate his theme of finding a way to fill the personal void that people fill within themselves, and the factors that are required to do so.

Aloe is called The Centenarian in my country, people believe that it blooms once in a century.

The Centenarian by @liverussian is a short piece of poetic prose about the aloe plant, but my favorite part is the personification of nature and the play on the cliche of the "green thumb".



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Hello @sunravelme, we have not crossed paths in what feels like years. Thanks for visiting my post and finding something of interest.

It is indeed difficult to translate rhyme and sounds from pidgin to English. The Nigerian pidgin is a language of onomatopoeic words, rhythm, rhyme and music. Translating this into the strictures of the English language is something I am yet to achieve. Maybe, one day, I will surprise you. 😂


I would love to see you include a video or a sound clip! Having never heard the language before, I had some trouble translating it to sounds in my head. I really enjoyed your post!


Oh I will definitely do a sound clip of the piece. 😂 It will be a bit fast paced though. Well you will hear it and judge for yourself.


I don't remember its name, but I watched a visual rendition of an onomatopoeic story written for the BBC radio about 60 years past.

And Lord of the Rings is also full of onomatopoeia, it's all very interesting.

But yes, translation usually either retains the meaning or the sound and feel, unless languages are close. Pidgin Nigerian mostly uses English, I thought? So it is mostly dealing with grammar issues?

@geekorner, @prydefoltz and @warpedpoetic are 3 bright stars of the Steemit poetry community, and deserving of a wider audience.

@liverussian is a sensitive soul & I'm indebted to her introductions of the rich Russian culture which she shares. @dantanner, I'm off to discover :)

Thanks, as always, @sunravelme for your own labor of love on behalf of Poetry.


I love the capitalization and italicization of Poetry- it is certainly taking on a life of it's own here on steemit! I'm glad that you discovered someone new! I have featured a couple of people multiple times, so when I find a new minnow I get really excited! (Like dancing in my seat excited)


Smile dancing on my face to hear it 🤓 Yes, discovery new poets is exciting and I believe that we all grow a little more, and differently, reading one another. It makes Poetry happen to see her children meeting up and playing, together 😜


You'll keep buttering me up like this, and you won't need to keep mentioning your other cheeks, heh.


You deserve it and, what's worse, you know it ;)

Thanks so much for the shout out, Sunravel. I gave this post a re-esteem:)


Absolutely! I appreciate your contests and how you are supporting poets!

Wow! Thank you for noticing my tiny piece, Sunravel! What a pleasant surprise!))) And I want you to know that I appreciate a lot all the work you are doing for the steemit poetry community by taking your time and going through all the new interesting posts and gathering them in your digest! I'd want more people to know about the Dead Poem Society contest! Many
unique pieces just pass by us... Thanks again, I'm genuinely touched by your attention!


I might have to do a post about the poetry contests that are available- just so that there's a central place where poets can go to find all the opportunities! I haven't seen many lately.


That's a great idea!!! I saw a Poetry Reading Contest initiated by @mermaidvampire
not sure if she plans to continue it though ) but it's a nice creative and enriching initiative!

Thanks Kara!

I too am full of appreciation for people such as you who work to curate poetry, which I feel does a lot for the platform. How I wish I had more time to engage with more poetry, and even just with its curation, so such posts are also invaluable for me.

As for your kind words, thank you. In some ways I am much more proud of doing this than of my poetry, because this isn't about talent, this is something anyone could do, and it's something I choose to keep doing.
And it is nice to know it is helpful and appreciated. I can tell you that getting private messages from people on reddit that something I wrote 4-5 years ago touched them stays with me for years later, for instance :)

P.S. I am aware of most of those other endeavours you've outlined. Good stuff, all.