Infinity=Everything(O) with a Twist(8)

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Infinity=Everything (O) with a Twist (8)

The Light, having forgotten its essence,
Forthright faced his fate,
And in the end, defeated the dragons It did create,
With a mind unkempt
And word unsound,
Unwittingly he wore the crown
Of division with the spell of sound.

Then, one day after battles weary
In earthen clay, his illusion bleary
He did find in works divine
A heaven in hell, his mind refined.
Open your heart and you too can see
In flower and fern divinity’s
Blessed touch. In smiling infinity’s
Stillness do not clutch,
A mistake grasped by hands of fear.
Not knowing the gates of heaven near,
But with your faith create the opening clear.

So Faist resolute did fast
Emptying his temple of the last
Polluting lies, of thoughts impure,
And in his righteousness did he abide
To battle the darkness for his soul.
To the great Abyss, his eternal goal,
Faist did go. And there he danced in the light
And the spaces between, at once here and there,
Recognizing his home so long kept from sight,
Basking in the Mother’s glorious radiance.

He knew, then and there and in that moment
Some of the great Unknown revealed its grandeur
Releasing him from his mortal torment,
Reacquianted with Infinity. Hand over your
Keys and all you thought you knew
For we are here to show to you
The nature of your very conscious mind
Through the sound of silence sublime.
Approach with faith and feeble self
Cut off the head of that crazy elf, the egoic self.

Spread your wings and know your might
Denied to you by snakes without sight.
The least amongst us has come to rule
But rest assured we are not Fortune’s fool.
Take the sacred wand on this hallowed land
And speak in ways all can understand.
There is a darkness in your midst
That keeps you chained. Be sure of it.
The interlopers cannot go where time is naught,
Where the illusion of separation is caught
In the trappings of the weaker mind, fraught
With delusions of selfhood creating misery.

For know this, my friends, the Great Mystery
Will only reveal this dance to those with eyes to see.
Your divine eye with faith and supplication
Opened, it is a guide through this mortal incarnation.
The mortal coil is but a glorious temple
For a noble mind, a stranger to division.
Our Mother’s mansion awaits the chosen
Her many doors and rooms always open.
The chosen, it must be said, choose their fate.
Many are called but few approach the hallowed gate
For the interlopers have their mind confined
And in those chains they lose their divine mind.
So sit, breathe, be still and know
That on this righteous path you go.

Have no fear, for fear is the only way
The interlopers can have their prey.
Empty your mind and empty your temple
And in your imagination assemble
Legions of Angels’ with mighty horns resounding,
Ancestors with their holy guidance crowning,
Animal spirit guides provide the grounding
To create the space for your heaven on Earth.

There is no need to return to ash and dirt,
That one must leave this bodily mirth
Is a lie the interlopers create to feed
On your fear, angst, and anxiety.
On this plane in heaven we already reside.

Remember, my friends, but take no pride,
For you are merely an instrument.
The Mother’s womb laments
All her creations having spent
Their time toiling away with disrespect
In forgetfulness, fear and separation.

All is one. One is all. Transfiguration
Into sovereign beings of the light.
This is our ultimate destiny,
Before entrance into this presence is granted
We must remember we hold the key
In our gracious hands and faithful mind divine
To open the doors unto infinity...

A place of supreme stillness in motion
Of darkness and light, but no commotion.
Be silent and full of grace
For the Mothers embrace
Only comes to those who ask, seek and relentlessly implore.
Persist to persevere and enter into your Mother’s womb.
If nothing else, remember this
Infinity is Everything (O) with a twist (8)!

Rest assured nothing is as it seems
This reality is just a dream you dreamed
One afternoon long ago, from whence you gleaned
All the lofty wisdom, where the Mothers’ womb lovelight beams
Through the illusion of separation and despair,
Providing the unitive knowledge to prepare
You for your remembrance. Communion.
You are a divine being of light,
Infinite, beautiful and bright.

From a space beyond Father Time’s,
Transcending the illusion is no crime.
No. It is our birthright for which we search.
Timelessness is our true church
In this sacred space we do create
All we ever dreamed to celebrate
With our thoughts and our words.

The Mothers respond, “Two-thirds
Of the magic of creation you have wrought.
Imagined, spelled and spoken with action.
Leave the rest to us, from our womb we sought
To share with you the reality
Of all that is, has been and will ever be.

Open your heart and your eye to see,
To feel the divinity of infinity~
Heaven manifesting as our reality."

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin.

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Wow, very well done! Really like your writing style! Upvoted and Followed!
We of @poetrytrail are always looking for quality content like yours! Hope you will hop on too and take part in our poetry events, it would be a shame if we couldn’t share this great poetry with more of the community!


Well, I thank you good sir or madame. I'd love to contribute to your poetry events when they are up and running.There's plenty more where that came from.

Those are some amazing poetic words to share from Standing Rock! Thanks again for sharing your great works @theesteemster


THank you for the kind words and the gratitude. Right back atcha, brother. This actually came to eye&eye right before I left VA for Standing Rock. The Standing Rock poem is being saved for later...


Maybe I should read this in a video...? It's kinda cool to put the words together with your own creative license, but if the meaning is not impactful, perhaps a reading could help. ideas???


I think it would be a good idea. I like Spoken word. One of my favorite spoken word messages is by Aloka.

You can do it. We need some bowls and a flute in the background.


and a drum! Like Michael Meade at beloved last year! I can see it!


Yes of course the drum! Maybe we can ask @YoussouphaSidibe to join us for a jam session @ Beloved this year. He's gonna be back, so the skies the limit! You can be the lyrical spoken word guru!