And just like that, it begins!

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And just like that,
it begins!

My head
full to the brim of what once was
and what is yet to come!

I struggle to keep myself anchored,
as all that I sought now comes to light.

Images dance around me
illuminated by the light that was cast away!

The truth so humble
yet buried deep beneath the warped games that they play.

Idolizing false gods,
taking pride in the illusions that spread like wildfire,
burning holes within,
until we are but hollow shells that crumble with the wind.

seeking redemption
seeking direction.

I take my place,
I own the choices that I made
Defiant, yet weakened
my polar opposites complete,
invoking balance
no longer fighting the need to be discrete.

eyes wide open!

I witness the pain wash away,
scattered amongst the wind.
Easing the way for new creations,
enticing new directions
til finally we find the strength to play!

Releasing patterns,
I scan my surroundings
and open up to the beauty that entails,
stories woven as I scale new heights
and journey deep within,
piercing through the darkness
until I bring forth the light!

And just like that,
it begins!

Cycles within cycles
words played and discarded,
Endless possibilities
as we reject the word of men.

I step off the edge
there it is
the reality of we are!


I find that of late, I want to write, but don't know what to say. Until I let go of trying to think and just let the words flow out. My truth, I feel it travel from deep within, my connection to each word, it slips easily from my tongue and then onto this screen. We think too hard sometimes, closing off the most creative side off ourselves.

Why, because we strive for perfection or we are afraid of what may come out!

I have been told that my throat chakra is blocked, that I am holding too much in and so I am. All my pain and anger that I have built myself upon, it needs to come out. I need to let my armour down, because it is not armour that I need now. It is that connection deep within, to let go of any fear about what may or may down transpire.

To trust that all is as it should be.
To trust that I inherently know what to do, I just have to disconnect in order to reconnect. To let my truth come out!

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This makes me feel happy for you!


Thank you @owasco, I have been doing a lot of healing of late. I hope you are well xx

Hi! I hope you are well.. it been a while since I came to visit your thoughts and wisdom.. I will be coming more often to read what you have for your readers. I'm your fan and I admire your courage and strength. Keep on going strong 🤗💓


Thank you @cryptokannon, great to hear from you once again, I hope you are well xx