Crystal Clear Wisdom



That haunting sound
that gently pulls at you
taunting you to give in,
echoing it's way
until you feel the full force of it's power!
Eyes closed as it reaches it's peak
you find the courage to speak,
to break away from the webs that where spun
that held you in this space
recharging yourself from the energy of the sun,
as the waves of gratitude
release the tears from your eyes,
the words of so many
released into the wild
and finally
You witness yourself
your true potential
losing yourself in this dance,

Your transformation!

Your realization,
Each and ever beat,
facilitating a drop into this ocean of dreams!

A break,
free from this world of ideals,
to sink into the crystal clear wisdom,
of earth beneath our feet
of mycelium that connects us to the very deep,
to the core of what all life means
of death and rebirth
to the belly of the beast.
our freedom at stake
we scream for release ,
for storms to come and carry us
waves to cleanse our souls,
the power within
our freedom soars!


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