Full Moon

2개월 전


The full moon,
The pull of ancient ways
Glimpses of sacrifices, that illuminate the darkest days.
Returning to the cycles of old,
To the rhythm that courses through our bones.
The call of the wild,
Unveiling all that we seek to leave behind.

The howling wind
Sweeps us up,
Opening up old wounds
Calling on us to lay bare,
The pain and suffering that led us here!

We walk,
our feet bare upon the earth
Our toes curling round stones
As we find new balance and the courage
to seek out our own.

Framed within the branches
The moon reflects all we wish to see,
And I sing,
Of radiant beings!
As black cats, curve their way around my legs
And my body embraces the changes
That have long since begun,

To Openness and awareness,
to the waters that flow through our lives,
our breath holds the secrets of our survival,
each day bringing us so much closer to our own arrival!

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