Releasing This Need To Control - Poetry

5개월 전



Everything seems to be coming in waves,
picking us up and carrying us forward!

I feel my feet lift off the ground
as I surrender, to this natural cycle of life!
It calls to me
pulling me in with it's enticing energy,
I feel at peace,
as I lose myself in this great mystery.

My path is clear,
to speak my truth and carry on!
To not demand or preach
but to hold the essence of who I am.

My identity,
changing with the tide,
held beneath the immense vastness that lies ahead of me.
I am,
but a speck of dust in this great abyss,
but my actions are no less important,
Instead they call on me
To grasp my place in time.
to embrace the way,
in which our lives create the ripples, that then turn into the waves that carry us forth.
Every small action, build upon the last
creating change as we let go of our past.

Releasing this need to control,
being present, as we hold onto our own,
allowing ourselves to get lost
as we succumb to the unknown!

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