The Many

7개월 전


This Contempt,
Silenced by the voices of the many,
Held in caverns
That twist their way
towards discontentment.
The nervous laughter
Feeds the fear that holds them all at bay
And I
I am left
Yearning to see them fall amongst the broken shards that illuminate each day.

Shuffling in circles
Heads hung low
crowned amongst the thorns,
Where are their screams
Where is their pain
The pain
That seeks to burn away these ideas of what is now the norm?

One rule
One mind
Disconnected from the simplicity
That breathes life into each new day
Chained and shackled
Their words no longer
Their own.

And so I swim
I swim
With the current that takes me into the dark,
Into this necessary unearthing,
To bare witness to all that has been done,
For there is no escape,
from what lies ahead
No escape from who we are!
We can only change who we will become!

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