5개월 전


I hear the howling,
as it comes in rounds,
Travelling from across the mountains,
As the fear abounds.

Their distress,
Dressed up
so it is no longer on display,
Oh this sense of ease
As They seek to betray.

To be guided blindly,
To fall in behind,
To hand over their power
So they no longer recognize,
The truth that stares at them
That cries out to be seen,
But bowed heads,See nothing!
Feeling only the weight
That crushes them as they bleed!

The sound intensifies
And still,
They carry on
Always waiting,
for the next pawn to be drawn!

The mountains hold their echoes,
The pain of so many
now starts to engage,
But Who shall remain to bare witness
As they create their own cage.

Contained and conditioned
Voices muted
As Confusion runs riot,
This false sense of security
Envelopes them,
as they remain forever quiet!

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