Broken Old Car (Amateur Poetry)

3년 전


Another poem from lost sketch books from long ago.

Raindrops tap the roof

of this broken old car

hail rocks on my conscience

leaving bruises and scars
The hands of the wristwatch

have but laid down the fight

I draw hearts in the tarnished

windshield tonight
The clouds thunder and rage

Outside where the skies frown

The forest is dark and dim

The road is soaked and drowned
Black, black skies

That dome the red sun

All my life lies

At the end of this road
Lethargy that holds this mind

Like some impairing sickness

A stale mood I wish to leave behind

of life filled with emptiness
And it only pains me further

When I go back to warmer days

when I wasn’t such a burden

to your grandiose ways
The car doesn’t start

Maybe I'll stay

I’m quite uncertain

I wish to arrive today

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