Room Of White (Amateur Poetry)

5개월 전


Riding the crest of a sugar high

Locked inside a room of white

The PA calls my name

And I stay the same. No change


A thousand TVs that make no sound

Pacified and bound

We remain Entertained

How do you feel? Thrilled?



Are so high above this place

Floating in the outer space

You don't mind



Give us your solace and your grace

Save us from our fates

How polite


My angel

You keep the needle from my arm

You keep me safe from all the harm

Now ring that alarm


Free us

From the shackles of modernity

Takes us up to eternity

Give us eyes to see

We yearn to break from this mold six

Wander far out of reach

Stone the cameras and microphones

Hang flowers on guns and drones

Fall into the one we are

Sail away to the stars

Live in adventure

All of our lives.

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