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Hello folks!

As the regular visitor of Poetsunited knows there has been a lot of development going on in the bot department. Right now I am working hard on the fifth incarnation of the upvote/upcom Poetsunit bot. The script is getting a slimming down so it will be more efficient, so far I have manged to shrink the script by 43%. At the same time I am rewriting it to accomodate the plans we have with it and to work nicely together with the Poetsunited bot.

The Poetsunit bot will do the upvoting and upcomming of posts and comments like it does now and the Poetsunited bot will do the registering, subscribing and helping for server members.

Both the Poetsunit and Poetsunited bot are right now at various stages of development and will (hopefully) be finished soon.

The plans we have for the future are very exciting, I am planning to give you guys more votes than you can use, like maximum a 100 per day! I can hear your brain halting now... HOW i will actually do this has to remain a secret for now, but i wanted to tease you a bit with this provocative statement. Don't hold your breath for it though... It will be quite some time before that will actually happen as I have many more chores to do in the near future...

Bot Tutorial

Now, I will give a small explanation of the bots and how to use them, for all you new members.

First you would have to register for the bot, just type "$reg YOURNAME" and follow the instructions. Do not use the @ in your name or capital letters!

Well, that was easy enough right?

So, in the #reg-upvote-upcom-here channel you can now use bot the $upvote and the $upcom commands. They work differently, obviously...

The upvote bot works the same as everywhere else, just type "$upvote LINK_TO_POST" and you are done.

At Poetsunited we feel that "community starts with giving, not with taking", so we are the only community so far to have an upcom bot. The upcom bot can only be used to upvote other people's comments, it is a bot designed for giving. So upcom that great comment you got on your post!

The upcom bot needs a different link, namely the link to the comment you want to upvote. How to get that? Read on....

Next to every comment there is a time (see pic below), right click that and do (copy link location), then do "$upcom LINK_TO_COMMENT" in the #reg-upvote-upcom-here channel.


Well, so far for this post, i am finally off to bed, it is 3:45 am...

For more info on our community check out poetsunited.org some more! I am too tired to add all that right now :D

Mad Evi

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

At the same time I am rewriting it to accomodate the plans we have with it and to work nicely together with the Poetsunited bot.
It should be accommodate instead of accomodate.

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