SPU Poetry Contest #7:Harmony

2년 전

Within that unit
rest the group of writers, creators
that inspired by hope,
they are also incentives to continue the path
enriching the feelings of each one
with the different prisms that are reflected from them
the written or narrated word
A complete world of impressions and desires.

**Thanks to Steemit Poets United

It is possible that playing in unison
each small order find harmony
even in different tones, they have to synchronize
my known world joins the one I want to know.
How is the whole?

Are they whole bits trying to fit? Do not
To work together sometimes you must tear
Yield, wait, tolerate that hard to give.
It is possible if you live, everything you can achieve.
If you perceive that existence is a gift
You can also give as a gift.
What it is for you?
That I say yes to everything
Also of that you will get bored
If the planets are in their orbit
together they will work
the ants of the field that example give us
and I will be small that I will wait
An effort also I have to contribute.

source: Emma Darvick

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Wow, thanks for the two-fer :D Sending 0.1 SBD your way now!