✪ Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin Hart will hold a boxing match ✪

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Many poker players are gambling people not only during the game. Over the past few years, many of them have made all sorts of bets with each other. The most famous of these happened between the brothers Staples — Jamie and Matt, on the one hand, and billionaire bill Perkins, on the other.

The other day it became known about another confrontation. The participants will be Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin HART. Antonio is a professional player. He is known as the winner of the first tournament with a one million dollar buy-in — the Big one for One Drop 2012. Kevin is a comic actor, and poker is just a hobby for him. Both have a long-standing friendship.

The next meeting between Esfandiari and HART, which led to the emergence of the bet, began with a joke about how they would look at the ring with gloves, not with cards at the table. And so it was agreed to hold a Boxing match. Whether there will be any sum at stake is unknown. But Antonio believes his chances of winning 35-to-1. Although he admits that little of time on her physical form, but HART is "pretty damn quick". Preparation for a meeting behind a ring will go half a year.

This is not the first bet of its kind in poker history. In 2009, a duel took place between Gus Hansen and his countryman Theo Jorgensen. Then for 9 minutes won and won 35 thousand dollars Gus.

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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