✪ Daniel Negreanu lost at the WSOP 2018 almost half a million dollars ✪

4년 전

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For the most famous canadian player ended a week ago, WSOP 2018 was unsuccessful for several reasons.

The first reason is, of course, the size of the total profit on the results of the series. After Daniel took second place in the Super High Roller Bowl 2018 on the eve of The world series, the prospects for "Kid Poker" were great. But the player took part in 32 tournaments, and the prizes were only five. Only one ITM took place in the Championship series tournament, and all the others were in inexpensive events for $1,500-$3,000. The finale was only in Event #22: Eight Game Mix. Here Negreanu became the third and earned $ 59,788.

The biggest loss the canadian suffered because of the contribution of a million dollars in the Big one for one Drop. It accounted for 75% of the player's buy-in costs. Also with this tournament for him was associated with an unpleasant incident, which many called an occasion for a rather strange push from Daniel with T7 monomials, after which Daniel left the table. The tournament organizers told the players that the break will be 20 minutes, and the cards were handed out after 15. Such a situation has brought out a usually positive Negreanu.

As a result, its total costs amounted to $1,505,000 with the sum of winnings of $111,103.

The second reason that allows us to consider WSOP 2018 is not particularly successful for Daniel is the victory of Justin Bonomo in the Big one for One Drop 2018, as a result of which Justin bypassed the canadian in the rating of players for the total amount of winnings for his career. Tweeted Negreanu congratulated Bonomo.

But Daniel, as no one else knows, that in poker are possible and downturns. So I didn't get too upset. And in order to move away from the game, went to Vegas for the musical "Rock of Ages".

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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Poker doesn't always win. Dispersion)

Well, his super powers (spotting tells) are not limitless... still my favorite Poker player!

Lol...@bigslick love the fact that u didn't get too upset like you said. U know somtimes the unexpected things happen, and we just have to deal with it the way it comes. Besides that's poker for you. Thanks for sharing 👍