✪ Joe Cada won his fourth WSOP bracelet ✪

4년 전

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This year on The world series for the American Joe Cada can be called almost as successful as 2009, when he became the winner of the Main event.

On June 2, Joe won the Shootout (Event #3) for $3,000 ($226,218), then became the fifth in the Main Event ($2,150,000) and, without stopping, the player "jumped" on the day of the 1C turbo event #75: The Closer for $1,500. This event attracted 3,120 entries and $4,212,000 in prize money.

Kada, having filled a large stack on the second day, reached the official final table with the most chips among the other little-known participants of the finals. While the shorties flew off the table, the American did not show much activity. But in the TOP 4 in two games took the whole stack of Richard Ali and concentrated more than 70% of the chips of the tournament.

After that, both opponents Joe Cada flew for two hands. First the Indian player Paavan Dansal knocked out Jeffrey Tanui. And in the next hand the American collected with pocket tens a square and didn't leave any chances to the opponent.

To the $612,886 prize Joe Cada added a second bracelet on this series and a fourth for all time performances on the WSOP. Now he can be called one of the most successful winners of the Main Event in this century, along with Joe McKeen and Jonathan Duhamel.

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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Congratulations to Joe on his well-deserved award

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