✪ John Wynn won the main WSOP event of 2018 and $8,800,000 ✪

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More than eleven hours delayed today the game In the main event of WSOP 2018. Three Americans, who sat at the final table on the 10th game day, were the luckiest and most skillful of the 7.874 participants of this tournament. This year's Main Event was the second in the history of The world series in the number of participants.

The previous nine days we told you about how the game was played in the most famous live event in the world of poker. Today you will find out what ended the Main event.

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Michael Dyer-win $ 3,750,000 and third place

The chipleader at the beginning of the ninth day, Dyer in Day 10 sat down at the table with the shortest stack of 16 big blinds. While his rivals — johnny Cinna and Tom miles had 80 bb and 149, respectively.

Dyer was just waiting for seventeen hands to be dealt good cards and he could double. After receiving the AT, Michael went all-in. But his hand got hit by AJ, who handed out miles. Before the turn, Dyer still had a chance to win, but the Jack brought them all to zero.

Michael Dyer is not a professional offline player. According to him, he has not played in live tournaments for a long time, and most of the time he devotes to playing on the Internet.

In Vegas, his best achievement was 8th place in 2009 in a $15,000 tournament for which the player received $65,905.

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Tony Miles-win $5,000,000 and second place

Of the three players, miles is the only true Amateur. Tony has been dancing and playing live series for the last ten years in tournaments with buy-ins up to $570. All his achievements in the amount of 50 thousand dollars were exhausted.

In this Maine player tried not to rush and think about all their actions to be no lower than the level of opponents. After the beginning of heads-up, Tony was able to do it for eleven hours. Several times he compared his stack with the stack the more experienced johnny Cinna.

But in the latter the distribution is still not preserved their chips. With the Q8, miles played through a re-raise on pre-flop. On the flop with two kings and seven made a continued bet. On the turn after the release of the eight decided on all-in. As it turned out, qinn, once in trips on the flop with KJ, just tried to catch Tony on the mistake — and he succeeded.

Right after the tournament ended, Tony said:

"The first disappointment after the loss has already passed, and I understand that I was able to achieve much more than the level of my game allows. I'm glad I can help my family now. And John will be a great champion — I am sincerely happy for him.»

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John Zinn — win $8,800,000 and the first place

The winner of the Main event 49 on account of the World series — John Zinn, as his two opponents on this day, not particularly well-known in the poker community.

Up to this point, the first and last time before the cameras at the poker tournament qinn "lit up" in 2016, when he was able to reach the 11th place in the same tournament and win $650,000. Any of John's achievements outside the WSOP was no more than 80 thousand dollars.

This year, qinn got another chance at the Main Event and took full advantage of it. A banner with his picture for eternity is located in hall Amazon casino Rio. As winners of the most famous live tournament John Zinn said the following:

"I like to think that I don't need money to be happy, but I understand that this win will greatly simplify my life. It will definitely change everything that will happen to me.
Main Event gave me an invaluable gaming experience. Participation in it can not be compared with any other tournament in the world.»

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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