✪ Leon Zuckernick won €370,000 in Super High Roller in Austria ✪

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The owner of king's casino Leon Tsoukernik this year appeared in the poker news mainly because of the conflict with Aussie Matt kirk and casino of Aria.

In mid-July, he had the opportunity to" Shine " at the most expensive poker tournament — the Big One for One Drop for a million dollars at the WSOP. But Tsoukernik in Las Vegas did not come, although there have been a number of players, for whom seats had been reserved and paid $30,000.

Apparently, the loss of this amount is not very upset Leon. In the last days of July, he attended a small series with the high-profile title European Poker Championship. It takes place in the Austrian casino Verden. In her schedule of six tournaments. In one of them — Super High Roller with a contribution of €25,750 — Zuckernick and played.

In General, Leon is more noticeable in an expensive cache than in live tournaments. Over the past seven years, he played little in them and only seven times was in the prizes. His total winnings amounted to $ 2,783,323, more than half of which the businessman received for 4th place in the Super High Roller Bowl last year.

The super high roller in Austria has collected a total of 26 players, five of them hit the prizes. The entire first game day and the beginning of the second was late registration, and players were available unlimited re-enter. Leon took full advantage of this opportunity and bought more than 7 times!

Such perseverance was rewarded. Zuckernick not only got into the money with Tony JI and Manig Lezer, but was able to defeat an experienced German in the heads-up. For the first place Leon Tsoukernik has received €370,000.

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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