✪ Three players left in the main event WSOP 2018 ✪

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During the ninth game day of Main Event WSOP 2018, as well as the previous one, only three players left the final table. There have also been drastic changes in the chip count events. We will tell you how it happened in the material below.

Six Americans started the game with the following distribution of chips:

Michael Dyer (USA) – 156,500,000;
Nicholas Manion (USA) - 72,250,000;
John Zinn (USA) – 61,550,000;
Tony miles (USA) – 57,500,000;
Joe Cada (USA) - 29,275,000;
Aram Saban (USA) – 16 700,000.

The results of the fourth hand the chipleader knocked out of the game short stack of Sabana. Aram decided to push his stack from the small blind with 86 and received a call from Dyer, occurred at the hands of the A8. Saban received $1,800,000 in prize money, which is almost 50 times larger than its largest skid before.

The most experienced player at this table, Joe Cada in the next 30 hands was able to increase my stack and walk away with last place in the chip count, but in the end he had become the fifth. He met in preflop Fielding vs Tony miles — TT-AK. Already on the flop, the dealer put the king, and the following streets did not change the balance of power. Joe Cada received $ 2,150,000 and was unable to repeat his 2009 success.

The next out happened only a few hours later. During this time, Tony miles and John Zinn was systematically increased their stacks. Qinn knocked Nicholas Manion in 4th place ($2,825,000). Again, the players were exposed to the preflop-KK-AT. Manion, who had the biggest stack at the final table at the very beginning of the game, did not wait for the ACE he needed so much on the Board.

And the chipleader of the ninth day, Michael Dyer in the TOP 3 was down to just 16 big blinds. So tomorrow, most likely, the main struggle for the bracelet will go between Tony miles and John Qing.

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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