✪ World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2018: series results ✪

4년 전

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The world series of poker 2018 today came to an end. All 78 bracelets have found owners, as well as millions of dollars in prize money. By the number of tournaments this year's world series was the largest of all 49 held since 1970.

Main Event for the second year in a row shows growth in the number of players. In 2018, it was attended by 7.874 poker players (second place in the history of the series) from 88 countries, and the last starting day set a record for the number of entries for all tournaments in The world series. The American player won it once again. John Zinn received $8,800,000 prize.

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Most of the bracelets on the WSOP 2018 traditionally won the Americans (57 pieces). Players from Germany won three tournaments, and the representatives of England, Russia and Canada became the first two times. Another 12 countries took one bracelet. Filipino Mike Takayama won the first bracelet for his country this year.

The best player in the series was the American Sean DIB. In the 49 days of the series, he was able to win almost as much as in the previous 12 years of his poker career. In 15 tournaments, the DIB got into the money, two tournaments he won and scored in the ranking of 4,386.84 points, almost 600 points above Ben Yu.

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The main record holder of WSOP 2018 was Justin Bonomo, who won the last tournament of the series — the Big one for One Drop with a buy-in of a million dollars. Received for the first place 10 million brought him to the first place in the world in the total amount of prizes and allowed to update the record of winnings for the year. Now it is almost $24 million.

Good luck to all over the monitor and in life!
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It was a good series and records raised serious

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