Poker advices for begginers!

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Greetings my gambling readers! For most of you poker was an intermitent experience and you probably got frustrated to always be a little behind those good so called ,,regulars". Having a better starting hand and still loosing in the end,is also a common fenomenon at the tables...

So you probably were thinking, did everyone else go to a lecture that i missed?

-The answer is YES!

First you will have to check and double check all the basic concepts like what is dealer button, what does position mean, what are my odds to draw a flush on the turn or river and so on and so forth!

Yeah, Poker ain't no sunshine and rainbows... I learned it the hard way... In order to get a graph like the one bellow ( not mine though :) ) you have to devote hours! Understandig the weknesses of your oponents and learning to exploit them is the key!


Main advices:

  1. Study and study and study! Best places are youtube, and a book called ,,No Bullshit 6max". For total begginers, I recomend ,,Harington on holdem".

  2. If available on the poker site you choose to play, use a HUD. HUDs are programs created to track all the information about the players you have encountered yearlier. Knowing how often the raise or call will make the difference! Also they track your history and allow you to see where is your fault. I recomend Holdem Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4.

  3. Play with worse players than you. It's obvious, you cannot win on longer distance if you play with a better player.

  4. Keep it fun to play, if you ,,tilt" and get angry it will make you sad in the end and guess what, you will loose money ( mostly due to bad calls or bluffs)

  5. Swallow your ego and nevermind short distances. Even the best pros had and have huge downswings, and guess what, they don't care, in the end the money will be their's.

That's it for the start! Thanks for reading! I hope you will find that perfect ballance in your play which guarantees both stable income and the best mood!

Follow for new posts! In next post I'm gonna reveal handy tricks which will help you in your career

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Thanks for sharing... Love it.

Nice story. I only play for fun, but I know some people are very serious in this.