💵 Steemit Poker League - 200 SBD Freeroll - June 25th @ 6PM CDT / 11PM UTC - Free to Play / Win SBD! 💵

3년 전

Free to join. Free to play. Come sign up and win some SBD!

Sign Up

Head over to The League page and sign up using your Steemit @user-name. To be accepted into the league you must meet the requirements at the bottom of this post.

So far we've paid out over 550 SBD in daily Freerolls since starting The League! (Proof)

This Sunday, Game 2 of our Season launches as we continue our 10 tournament journey to determine who will wear the (soon to be) coveted Championship Bracelet as our first ...

Steemit Poker League Champion!

Season Tournament Details

Game Two : Sunday, June 25st at 6PM CST (11PM UTC).

We will hold our 2nd of 10 Deep Stack Tournaments.

Shuffle Up & Deal - Sunday

  • It's free to play.
  • There's no software to install. Requires Adobe Flash.
  • You can win SBD.
1st80 SBD
2nd50 SBD
3rd35 SBD
4th20 SBD
5th10 SBD
6th5 SBD
  • 5 SBD to whoever knocks me, Tuck Fheman, out of the tournament.
  • See the SPL Bounty Leaderboard posts for other bounties.

Game Page


Updated Tournament Schedule*

6/218PM / 1AM200 SBD Guaranteed - Completed
6/256PM / 11PM200 SBD Guaranteed
7/14PM / 9PMTBD
7/72PM / 7PMTBD
7/1312PM / 5PMTBD
7/1910AM / 3PMTBD
7/258AM / 1PMTBD
8/86AM / 11AMTBD
8/144AM / 9AMTBD
8/202AM / 7AMTBD

*Times/Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

Game Details

  • Free to play!
  • 3,000 Starting Chips.
  • 6 Max tables.
  • Must call clock on opponent. Do not abuse or you will be removed.
  • Standard blinds 15/30 - 30/60 and so on.
  • Break every hour.
  • Contact Tuck Fheman or BigP on League Site or Chat with issues.

What are you waiting for?

We've already paid out 550 SBD to players during tournaments, so go sign up, it's free and you can win SBD!



To make everyone's life easier, please signup using your @steemit-username. Accounts that do not list their @steemit-username will not be allowed in The League until this is corrected.

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Daily 1 SBD SNG's


Pro League

What's this ... a Pro League? That's right, we've setup a Professional and Semi-Professional Poker League on PokerStars. More details about this will be posted in the coming days!


Who created our awesome logo? Why none other than fellow Steemian @epicdesigns. Head on over to their blog if you need any design of any kind for your blog, business or otherwise.

To Qualify for SBD Prizes

Your account must ...

  • be over level 30 reputation on Steemit.
  • have made an introduction post.
  • have updated your Bluff Ave profile Tagline with your @Steemit username.

Disclaimer / Notices

  • We are not responsible for incorrect Steemit names being supplied for payout.
  • See The League page for our FAQ.
  • All payouts/expenses are being tracked and are available for viewing upon request.
  • All tournament results and payouts are documented on the blockchain here at Steemit.com and screenshots are posted in the League Chat channel. Each tournament has it's own unique number and webpage URL which is posted on the blockchain for inspection, excluding PokerStars events which we haven't figured out how to view the history since PS is deleting them hours after the game.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I would love to play, but I noticed that your password on the site is not encrypted.Not good, sorry to be a party pooper.:-(


What would happen?

Also, if you're worried someone will takeover your play money chips, then come over and play on PokerStars with us.


Sounds good, just might do that..I am interested, for sure..Thanks bro..

Thanks for hosting these poker tournaments @tuck-fheman, has been years since I last played. But last few days I played a couple of SBD freerolls and really enjoyed it!


Thanks for playing man!


thanks for the great freerolls tuck. great opportunities up for grabs. Already registered for tomorrows one :D

Resteeeeeeemed (I have a quite a female following so hopefully we can get ONE FEMALE into our sausage fests lool )
Thanks tuck for wasting your time with setting all the games, paying the peeps , and doing leader-boards.


Lol kinda funny to see your post here such a small community this is.

Could be fun....joined!

Proof of payouts - note - I don't make the big ones ; )
If you like Poker and haven't joined - Join ! It's free and you get a chance to make SBD.
Payouts from the last tournament - I finished 5th - 10SBD and 1SBD just for playing.

See you at the tables, apparently there's a bounty on me next tourny - come claim it !

Been years since I played poker. Think I might try this out... if the wife lets me :(


Cool, we have both a web-based version on Bluff and a new one on PokerStars. If you're interested in playing on PS, either dm me in chat to get details or hold off a few days and we'll make it all public when we're setup good.


I havent played on Stars in years since they pulled out of the US market. Is the Stars league you're setting up US available because you're using a play money structure like bluffave? If so, that's awesome. Much better software!


Yep, exactly. :)

Hopefully, I will be able to pass out the title of Bubble Boy to another soul haha

Oh, wow! This sounds super interesting.

One question, I've been on steemit for a bit, but have never written an introduction post. Am I still eligible to participate?

Thank you very much!

Cant wait I hope I do better this time.

@tuck-fheman thanks for sharing this. This is just another evidence that steemit is the right place to spend your time on the internet.

My dream is to have 500 dollars falling on my head T.T

Looks interesting !

Will join today. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Can anyone join in it, or it needs specific people?

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Just signed up! Thanks for the invite.

I love poker. Could not play for a while.. so hoprfully i will join these tournaments one day :-)

I need to find a way to be at home at that time.
There is some REVENGE I have to do :-)

i'm so excited!!

Hi! I just joined, excited for tomorrow! Didn't play for sometime :)

To all, please consider using the same user name on poker site that you are using here. If you do:

  • it will make easier for @tuck-fheman to track down who he has to pay to
  • you will at the table have a better idea, who from steemit is your opponent that want's your chips :-)

Agree absolutely with @mynameisbrian - will be joining one of these games soon, subject to da wife ;)


Brian's wife seems to have a lot of control over poker players. ;)


Hahaha, I fold

How do i get involved?

  ·  3년 전

Congratulations @tuck-fheman

You took 77 place in my Top 100 of posts

Well i think i registered properly and applied to join the group.