Hundreds Of Drug Cases Under Investigation After Deputy Fired For Planting Evidence

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A deputy in Jackson County was fired after allegedly planting evidence on people in his community, and there are now said to be roughly 250 drug cases that are being questioned as a result.

At the moment, it's reported that prosecutors have identified at least a dozen cases that involved misconduct, along with several other cases that might need to potentially be dismissed. That deputy had been fired early September and he is now under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

It's alleged that on at least one occasion he had planted drugs during a routine traffic stop.

State attorneys say that there are hundreds of cases, at least 263 so far, that have been identified in which he has played a direct role. Could he have planted evidence in those cases as well? Might there be innocent people spending time behind bars who don't need to be there? That's what authorities are now looking at.

And so far charges have been dropped in over 100 cases.

Unfortunately, this isn't a rare circumstance and has been known to happen before, with officers planting evidence or telling lies on the stand; obstructing the justice process in some way. It's slightly reassuring to see when an individual who does get caught engaging in such unbecoming behavior though, who has abused their position of authority and violated the public's trust, be dealt with in a swift manner so as to potentially deter other authority figures from doing the same.

The investigation into the deputy in question had allegedly started back in August and I guess it didn't take long for them to find the evidence that they needed and make a decision, within weeks, for him to be fired. It's reported that the investigation is still open that's taking a look at the claims of misconduct. As well, it's alleged that no charges have been filed against him just yet.

One state attorney who had viewed bodycam footage of the officer alleges that what he had seen in the video causes him to lose confidence in any cases that the deputy has been involved in. Several lawyers who have been involved with previous cases that this deputy has worked on, have now reportedly been contacted about the situation. However, it's reported that no conclusions have been reached in the matter.

After video footage had been released which supposedly showcased the wrongdoing and this situation erupted, it's reported that many cases have now been dropped in Jackson County as a result, with more expected to come. It poses an incredible risk to have individuals like this in uniform, violating their authority and the trust of others. For the cases that have been dropped, those charges ranged from simple traffic violations to misdemeanors and felonies. Ultimately though, it's good to know that less people will be caged behind bars for victimless crimes like drug possession.

Drugs also aren't the only thing that officers have been found guilty of planting on people. Thankfully, the bodycam and dashcam footage has helped over the years to make the evidence available, to show us when officers have been abusing their authority, engaging in illegal activity. What are the chances though, that there might be many similar circumstances that have taken place which have gone unnoticed?

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That is very scary stuff. I tell my son all the time to never get pulled over, because you just never know. You can have your life ruined for speeding, its crazy!


ain't that the truth though

this type of news unfortunately no longer surprises me, these people have been deteriorating their images for a long time, it is difficult to trust someone
thank you very much for letting us know this news dear friend @doitvoluntarily
I wish you a good start


what surprises me is when they get fired 😂

He better go to prison!!

The War on Drugs is a complete joke and only someone willing to enforce ridiculous laws would be a cop, and therefore already corrupt just by enforcing corrupt legislation.

You really can't trust anyone these days when even the police are up to no good

Here come the lawsuits. I wonder if cops have a quota system for arrests?

Ah, Police… Criminals with the authority of force… licenced to make people’s life miserable :(


We arrest you to keep you from ruining your life with drugs, so we will ruin your life instead...

Many crimes occur and most of them escape the law, in various ways one of the most frequently used methods is bribing officers.

I will never understand why there are so many bad people in the world, and worse than when they have a charge, they abuse the accusing and sowing innocent people.

Why do they do it? It will be that it causes them pleasure or they just do it and already no matter anyone's life.

Your news makes me think and ask so many questions, it seems that with evil there is no one who can


They do it because in order to be a government agent, you have to have a serious brain schism in the first place. These "order followers" have no morals and few will ever question their orders when ordered to do immoral things, even if it's "the law".

How sad. Something like this happened years back. I'll keep the town nameless and the people who told me this because wild west justice is still alive today. It's bad to see a cop who has issues in his own life even on a force. It makes the protection of the people weaker. The UN even wanted to step in by putting some of their fleets on standby in the USA because of dirty cops. This is already out of hand.

I don't know what is their reason to plant evidence and it is sad that this things happens because citizens would feel threatened by it making trust to the authorities very low. @doitvoluntarily