🌴 Papaja prosto z drzewa! Zobaczcie jak rośnie i poznajcie jej właściwości.

2년 전

Dziś opowiem Wam o kolejnym owocu, który w Malezji można zerwać prosto z drzewa. Zobaczcie jak rośnie, wygląda i jakie właściwości ma papaja!

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wow my papaya likes papaya. papaya contains vitamin c


It has awesome flavour, I love it!

Really a great vlog buddy 😊, just keep up posting 😊


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Thank you bro!

Love seeing you picking fresh Papaya from the tree :)

I think you staying in Langawi, Malaysia right ?



@nathanmars indeed! How did you know? 😄


Because I could see it from the Planet Mars :)

It was so nice talking with you today bro!!

Looking forward to talking with you again:)

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Thank you bro! All the pleasure on my side! We are in touch! :)