September. The month in which the World War II was begun.

2년 전
Germans. In Poland that word was connected with very bad memories for many, many years… Everything started on 1 September 1939 when Germans began the shelling of Westerplatte – polish part of Free City of Danzig (nowadays a part of Gdańsk). I use the ”Germans” word on purpose – maybe they were Nazis but not all of them. Common soldiers probably not – they were just Germans...

Right now Poland still pays the price of that war caused by naz… Germans. After the war we were left in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics what caused very slow growth, continuation of terror and closed borders. That was due to the deal between UK, USA and USSR. So after the war we were living in the Polish People's Republic – a country with communist state… Thanks to Germans who started the war and then thanks to UK and USA…

Right now, 73 years after the war we want to get war reparations from Germany. Reparations which never were paid us. Germans don’t want to pay it… What’s more, they call the concentration camps which they built by their own as “Polish concentration camps”. Polish because they are located on polish lands. No matter who built them...
In addition, Jews claim financial compensation from Poland lost property due to the war… Don't you think something isn't right? Don’t confuse the murderer with the victim. There were no polish death camps and the blame for holocaust should belong to Germany.
Only to Germany

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