Lockdown after elections?



in a lot of countries there are going to be elections this end of the year. Will this influence the Covid-19 politics and approach?

I think yes.

We've seen that the measures taken, have not been enough and hospitals have been overwhelmed like in Italy or have been to hard and the economy has been crumbling.

Now, with the many elections around the globe, the politicians try to avoid any further measures at least till the elections are passing.

Till a vaccine it's going to be available, it will passes at least a couple of months. Also the efficiency is not going to be known.

The most important thing, is the avoidance of occupation of all hospital beds. This is it. Some common sense measures can help this, like a better hygiene and some sort of choose between human contacts. I've limited myself to only the needed one. Not because I'm afraid, as I think I'm healthy enough, but because I want to protect the ones around me that are going to be affected harder.

Now back to the business, the lockdown will affect a lot of people. The plus of this whole thing is that it has accelerated the global digitization. Yes, the cost is tremendous high, but I think in this one year, we gained five to ten years of technology. Workplaces have changed, office politics have changed and people see that we can work from home. Not in the manufacturing process, of course or in the service sector, but almost in any other field that people went to the open offices or cubicles, the work can be done from home. I know, some lonely folks are tremendous affected by it, as this has been all social contact that they had. For me it is good, as I don't waste any time on commute. I still use the time between calls to listen to some interesting podcasts or audiobooks, same what I did while driving before.

What we need, is that the politicians pull out some bills that are adapted to the new way of living and working at least to help business to be able to react. We need change, as it happened before in history. We use e-mail and whatsapp this days, not horse post anymore. The ones who reinvented, managed to survive. This is where I see politician intervene by making an environment where transition is faster and easier. Simple.

This is my hope, but some politicians know only to punish the ones who work and here I'm afraid that the ones who produce and work are going to pay for the lazy people who don't take any risks.

Let's see, I hope that the situation is going to be managed in a constructive way.

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