State vs Religion



Europe was marked again by religious fanaticism. Some guy got offended and beheaded an old lady and killed two others. He did that because he was offended. He randomly killed people because of that. In such case some state leaders saluted that. Madness.

All because of religion. I think this guys don't understand religion. Religion shall bring the best in man not the worse, no matter how offensive someone is.

States that separated from religion are doing good compared to the ones run by religion. I wonder why.

Religion as state rule has brought only pain and sorrow. And I speak about all religions.

What brought prosperity? Separation of religion from state and access to education for the masses. Books shall be not forbidden, no matter how dangerous they are.

Nobody forbid Marx and Mao, the most dangerous books out there.

Education helps...that is the key in progress... the more educated the population is the better for the country.

If a cleric, asks you to kill for your religion, leave that religion shall ask for a kill...



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