Is Syria, Turkey, Iran and Russia going to deliver a Knockout Punch at Pentagon?


The unbelievable Western Press is describing the recent events in Syria as a Chaotic affair. But is it actually so? I believe the combination of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria is going to land a knockout punch which will make it clear to the pentagon and the Warmongers in Washington that they have lost the battle.

On the face of it, the recent events look like a setting for a prolonged battle between Syria and turkey. But Russia appears to be in control of things. They have drawn the line. The end of the conflict is in plain sight. The agreement could be just a matter of days.

Russia would get Turkey to withdraw from Syria with an assurance of the Syrian government of creating a buffer zone in the border and also removing any PKK camps in those areas. Syrian Government will retake the border and guarantee the safe buffer zone to Turkey. Also, they will take the entire area and its economic assets. Just to prove that he is a benevolent leader, Assad will offer limited self-governance for the Kurds.

Russia knows exactly what each side wants and where it can get the concessions. Just to irritate the Saudis and the US, Russia will involve both Iran and Qatar in getting the deal done.

It's just my opinion, but this could be the end game in Syria. The message should be clear to Pentagon - 'You failed miserably'.

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Wow is Trump also in the plan? The 5 day ceasefire says so.