Moroccan Elections Deliver Severe Blow to Erdogan and His Greater Israel Project


Today the results of the Morrocan elections were the biggest surprise, the ruling party for the past 10 years lost the elections which they supervised and the ruling party not only lost the majority, it lost almost everything.

They said the results are 'incomprehensible and illogical' where the ruling party held on 13 seats only out of the 395 members of the House of Representatives losing 113 seats.

But who is this ruling party and what's the connection with Erdogan and the 'Greater Israel Project'? Simply put, the ruling party in Morocco is one in a chain of political parties that were established across the Muslim world under the leadership of the Turkish AKP party, the party of Erdogan. They follow the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult, a doctrine invented by the British early last century to allow it to distort the image of Islam from within the fastest-growing religion in the world.

Israel's connection? In a televised interview prior to the evil NATO plot to control the Arab world dubbed the Arab Spring, he literally said that 'George W. Bush tasked him a leading role in the Greater Middle East project', those who know geopolitics realize that the region spreading from West Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, through North Africa and the African Horn is called the Arab World, insert Israel in its center in Palestine and it's called the Middle East. Thus, the Greater Middle East Project is the Greater Israel Project.

Nobody served this evil plot more than Erdogan, he facilitated the invasion of Arab countries by tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Jihadists from around the globe in each country, his failure to take over Syria led to the reverse domino effect making him lose all his gains in the countries they took control of, starting with Egypt and not ending with today's loss in Morocco.

More in this report: Erdogan and Israel Lose Power in Morocco in the Parliament Elections!

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A person who committed 1% of the crimes in his country and against neighboring countries like what this freak did and continue to do would have not only removing him from power, he would have been hanged by his own people, but what to do when many in his country support his crimes!