IG Report: FBI Bias, Leaks, and Media Propaganda

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Imagine all the media leaks coming from Comey and McCabe (former FBI’s #1 and #2) and the 11 other DOJ agents mentioned in the IG report. These people decided to circumvent the law and legal processes to leak selective, sensitive information to mainstream media in an effort to manipulate the American people and to control the dominant narrative.

Comey and McCabe were rightfully fired.

But beyond losing their jobs, they have damaged an American Institution, one which we often must blindly trust to serve the people and law over politics.

Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Comey, McCabe and on, have made a mockery out of our checks and balances and I’m presuming any and all of their work on the fake #RussiaGate will be seen in this light: a sloppy attempt to ensure Hillary’s election and then, the ongoing undermining of a rightfully elected POTUS.

This story becomes bigger when we understand the collusion of the media to put out unnamed, unverified information to the public. NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, BuzzFeed, Mother Jones, Snopes, among so many other outlets that followed suit. This would be reckless if it weren’t intentional. These outlets know journalistic standards and ran with headlines meant to incite the left, undermine Trump, and profit from clicks. They’ve lost their integrity, as though that ever mattered to them.

In an inverted totalitarian government which we increasingly live under, politicians and government are corporate-funded and corporate-ruled; the mainstream media is corporate-slanted propaganda. Look at YouTube (owned now by Google, who was seed-funded by the CIA) is banning independent journalists left and right in some of the most shocking corporate censorship we’ve yet seen. Twitter was caught “shadow banning” #MAGA users, as well. Corporations now control the flow of our information, manipulate our freedom of speech, and amass our data and personal information as nothing less than corporate surveillance.

It is important to see the larger picture here, the mass collusion between rouge FBI (and CIA) agents and mass media. Those sources are compromised and need to be called out in their role of manipulating public opinion.

CNN interviewed Stormy Daniels lawyer 74 times between March and May. It’s safe to say they don’t care about Yemen. Or Syria. Or Flint. Or Puerto Rico. They care about you hating Trump and care about your fixation with this hate to the degree they profit from ratings and impact power and politicians in DC.

We live in an era of mass delusion created by the collusion of our corporate media and our corporate-serving government. Protect your mind as propaganda is a decades-tested science, it’s more powerful than you. If you subscribe to those propaganda channels, it shows in your view and opinions; there is no denying.

If there is any doubt the schizophrenic reality we live in, go look at all the people praising Hillary Clinton (one of the most corrupt humans this country has ever been victim to) for tweeting “But my emails.” yesterday, after she had deleted 30,000 emails, skirted FOIA, after 6 years of ongoing investigations, retrieval of emails never turned over, FBI investigations, OIG investigations, House investigations, congressional testimonies, countless lawsuits over FOIA, investigations of pay for play, etc. She’s so smug, right? She’s been destroying documents since her time as partner of Rose Law firm in Arkansas. But yet people praise her as if she didn’t pay for the Russian dossier and pass it off as Intel to get FISC approval for spying. We are in deep trouble, folks. We don’t even recognize embedded enemies of our laws.

Not many will read the 500-page IG report released yesterday, the first of several upcoming IG reports, but let’s hope this is the beginning of unraveling a very insidious plot by those we’ve trusted in government and by the media too many still rely upon.

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