A Call For Yang, A Knock For Yang, or A Donation To Yang is An Investment In Your Future, Our Future


"If you go to a factory here in Michigan, you will not find wall-to-wall immigrants, you will find wall-to-wall robots and machines. #DemDebate2"

Invest In Humanity First

How many US President Hopefuls can say that they have a policy directly addressing Digital Assets or cryptocurrency? Andrew Yang can, and this is why he is so important for our community. His campaign slogan "Humanity First" is another. Andrew Yang is a believer of human centered capitalism. He believes humans have a value and our value is not determined by how much money we can produce. This is a refreshing new idea, this is a refreshing new candidate that cares to make our world a better place. He can see that we have the tools necessary to face the challenges that tomorrow brings us with success. Investing in Andrew Yang and his campaign is investing in our future. Consider joining the movement! #Yang2020 #YangGang #HumanityFirst #InvestInYang #DonateToYang #CallForYang


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His polling numbers are such a shame. Status quo it is.


We cannot give up, it's vital that we keep going until the very end. There's too much at stake to quit. I refuse to give up but you are right. Too much corruption against all of us, its disgusting.


And... He just gave up.


He suspended. Admittedly he did crush my heart he accomplished so much. We must be grateful for what we got with how much push back we had from the DNC, etc.