Do we need a President of the United States?

3년 전

Do we need a President of the United States? Does that office actually even need to exist? It was basically created so the people who felt bad about not having a king or queen any more could have a figurehead. I think we’ve moved past that.

The position is clearly a distraction to politicians. They spend all their lives striving to reach this one position of ultimate power, and then spend the next 4 years campaigning rather than accomplishing any goals because if they rock the boat too hard they're out.

Now, of course, we need some functions of the presidency. We need a commander in chief of the military. But should that really be a politician with no military experience, who will use the military as a political tool to scare the world to the brink of global thermonuclear war on a whim every Thursday because he can't keep his tiny hands off Twitter?

I think we should abolish the office of the President of the United States entirely. Get rid of the figurehead position. Move the few tiny powers he does have to other positions, to keep the checks and balances intact. We don't need a king or queen.

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Well... there is also a deep state which exists and which needs to be hidden by the public state and the politicians need to talk for the industry like controlled puppets :D crazy times... thank you for this post^^

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