Diversity Initiatives Apparently Do NOT Include Asians!

2년 전

Yesterday, I noticed an over-the-top, alarmist and racist headline that made big news in the sports journal sector:

I obviously took a dim view on the headline and click-bait nature of it. Of course, I was fiercely disappointed in how the Japanese team played because it's incongruent with their typical style of play, and mostly in the coaching decisions.

I, along with virtually everyone else, refrained from blasting the entire country of Japan, which of course has nothing to do with its football team.

But I also noticed that SB Nation has a "diversity protocol" that supposedly protects against this kind of racially-insensitive language. So I sent them off the below letter...let's see how they respond! :)


Your SB Nation article, "Japan is stupid, cowardly, and deserved to get eliminated from the World Cup" is patently racist. Also, the author, Kim McCauley, finished the article with the sentence, "In this writer’s opinion, Japan sucks ass."

Japan sucks ass? How is that congruent with SB Nation's Editor-in-Chief Elena Bergeron's comments, "we are creating an environment that values and respects diversity?"

As a person of Japanese ancestry, I am deeply offended that McCauley would attack an entire people over what is just one soccer game.

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