#releasethememo.. BS.

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I agree with Dan Rather. Nunes has been a flunky in the tank for Trump since day 1. He has done everything he can do to throw off the Mueller investigation. We already have 3 indictments with more to come. This memo thing is just something for Trump to talk about and give him a excuse to get rid of McCabe and Rosenstein. Trump don't want staff he wants fanboys and girls and followers. His inept incompetent style of management is pathetic if not scary. Don't believe all the right wing blogs and TV hype. This memo serves one purpose and that is to undermine Mueller and his investigation. I like to think of myself as a centrist and believe in true bipartisanship. What we have today is a complete takeover by the extreme right. I do not post to offend as its just my opinion. Our beautiful country is in deep trouble with TrumpTrump.jpg

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I think all of Washington is going to start on fire at some point. Wouldn't surprise me if Trump tried to work with Russia (although if he did he sure got the crappy end of the deal with $10K in FB ads), if Obama spied on the Trump campaign, and if (not really an if, we all know Hillary is guilty as hell) put national security at risk with her home brew server.


Thanks for replying me @notmorningjoe. They are politicians and most of them guilty of something. If Trump's policies were not so pro the Billionaire I could get behind some of his policies. Of course the stock market will rally when you gut corporate taxes from 35 percent to 21. Trumps dishonesty and lying is going to be his downfall in the end. It won't be about Russia. It will in the end be about his financial dealings. In my opinion that is why his taxes will never be shown. He does have a bunch of fan boys though. I don't take these discussions to serious though and gave you upvote for replying back.