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In Trumps State Of The Union address last night Trump showed all Americans and the world what a master negotiator he truly is. He is going to build a wall for Mexico to keep Americans out and WE the taxpayers get to pay for it. Yes he truly is a genius and master negotiator. Looks like the Mexican government was able to get Trump to agree to pay for his big, beautiful, shiny wall. This post is in jest but sadly it looks to be true. 25 Billion would send alot of poor kids to college, and help alot of bright kids and future leaders become Drs., Lawyers and scientist. No in Trumps world lets spend 25 billion on a wall we do not need on a wall and the poor kids of America get to take the jobs done by immigrants such as picking fruit, and working on farms. That's the kind of jobs Donald J Trump is bringing to America.

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So do you think that we should have open borders?


No notmorningjoe I don't think we should have open borders. I just feel with todays technology and manpower that we can keep our borders secure with technology and a willingness to enforce the law. We have laws on the books now. We don't need to re invent the wheel. Its already available to us. I think the money spent on the wall would be better spent hiring people to do the job.