Political Prisoners of the USSA: Cody Wilson Joins Snowden, Assange, Ulbricht

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Land of the free? Protectors of freedom of speech? Right to own arms?

I’m not sure what country you’re thinking of… if there is one, it’s Liberland. But the last place with those values is the US… or USSA as I call it.

The creator of Defense Distributed---a website offering downloadable files that can be used to 3-D print firearms from home---has been released from being kidnapped (jailed) after paying a $150,000 ransom (bond).

In what could possibly be a honeypot setup by the state, Cody Wilson was arrested and charged with “sexually assaulting a minor” in Travis County, Texas.

The timing cannot be discounted: the entrepreneur and gun-rights activist has been at the center of an ongoing legal battle over the existence and operations of Defense Distributed.

Prior to the arrest, Wilson was hanging out in Taiwan where there is no extradition treaty. It makes one think he was wise enough to know the government was coming for him.

As reported by Cnet:

“...the State Department settled a legal case that allowed an organization called Defense Distributed to release those plans online….That prompted 19 states to file a lawsuit seeking to block the free distribution of those files due to public safety concerns....”
Whether or not the allegations hold any water remains to be seen. Using alleged female victims to discredit a man’s reputation is an old tactic of the powers that shouldn’t be. The same type of suspicious allegations have followed whistleblower Julian Assange.

Another freedom fighter, Ross Ulbricht of the Silk Road, was framed of “hiring a killer” to smear his public persona, even though those charges, nor any evidence, were ever even taken to court.

A similar (yet more popular) circus is currently unfolding with Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Defense Distributed has posed a threat to the state’s restrictions for years now. It’s like the Bitcoin of firearms---crypto guns.

The state’s quest to disarm its citizens (except the police of course) will fail practically and theoretically as long as people can arm up at the press of a button.

Gun control advocates have seethed with fury at Cody’s operation, namely because ALL firearm regulations are rendered useless when anyone can simply 3-D print their own weapon.

Self-defense for a digital age; it’s truly revolutionary.

But now Wilson has been forced to quit the company he founded.

So, what if this accuser is actually malicious and is lying about her age on adult websites to extort men for money?

There’s a possibility that she was already in counseling due to a prior arrest and court order, so she had handlers.

What if Wilson gave her money because she blackmailed him and said she would report him as having had sex with her if he didn't pay up?

No one should be automatically guilty of an act where the malicious, fraudulent actions of others could make someone guilty by default.

In an interview just a few weeks ago, Cody had this to say:


Yet, according to CBS:

“Austin police received an arrest warrant for Wilson for sexual assault after a counselor contacted the police on Aug. 22 and said a girl under the age of 17 had told her she had sex with Wilson after meeting through a dating website SugarDaddyMeet.com. Police said Wilson and the girl met at a South Austin coffee shop before going to a North Austin hotel, where he allegedly assaulted her and paid her $500 in cash.”

Cody appears ready to fight the allegations, however. His attorney released the following statement:

“We are glad that Cody is back in Texas again where we can work with him on his case. That’s our focus right now, representing our client and preparing his defense.”

The fact that “child” and “sexual assault” are the mainstream headlines when a girl who supposedly said she was 18 (the arbitrary age by which you magically change into a woman by government edict), by using an adult hookup site, and who took payment for the consensual, voluntarily agreed-upon sex shows how much the media works as the propaganda arm of the government.

If it even happened at all, the headline should be something like, “Cody Wilson tricked by young, experienced girl into paying for sex under false pretenses.”

But, since when does the truth matter in the USSA?

The 3-D printing pioneer was invited to be a featured guest speaker at Anarchapulco, The World’s Premier Liberty Event.

Considering the circumstances, it’s uncertain if he’ll be able to attend.

All should take note, however, of just how easily it is for the US government to frame people, track someone down and kidnap them within days. Hours after ALL the mainstream media outlets pushed the story of Wilson being charged, he was identified as to his whereabouts in Taiwan, had his passport immediately revoked and found himself in custody.

Even though Taiwan doesn’t have an extradition agreement with the fasco-communist US government, once they revoked his passport, Taiwan had the opportunity to remove him for being in the country illegally.


For all those involved in anything cryptocurrency related or anti-state, I have always said there are two important things to do. #1 is get out of the USSA immediately. They can and will target you and take you down by any means necessary. And, #2, is try to get a second passport (and even better renounce your US passport) for further protection.

Things are just getting worse and worse in the “land of the free”. Ross Ulbricht, who only set up a free market website, was given numerous life sentences for such a crime in the highest security prison in the US. It’s so bad that Ross recently asked to be put into solitary confinement for his own protection. You can sign a petition HERE demanding his release by the Orange Fuhrer.

As for Cody, we’ll be waiting for more information to expose what looks like a shady plot by the US government to set up and kidnap him.

There’s a price to pay for being an enemy of the state, and technically, we all are.


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I had the unfortunate duty to tell my mother about Cody Wilson. Interestingly, if my mom stayed with my real dad my name would have been Cody Wilson. Even more interesting that I also put together a platform to connect people and knowledge with out the government or their banks. @taskmaster4450 did a terse write up of my project... I wonder when tyranny will end. I know it's when we have more seeking individual liberty; and the only domino needed to push is fiat.

I don't know why the 3-D guns scare them so much. Any decent grade of hobby Machinist can scratch build a functional firearm in a day. The 3-D printed guns are toys, and not a real threat; but well constructed units made by 'home grade' machinists are a real threat. A little higher grade machinist can do the same thing with simple hand tools!

They can NEVER keep intelligent people, from having the ability to home make serious firearms! I am not even talking about the 3-D printed one! I have a 3-D printer, and other than making one to piss off the liberals, I have zero interest in printed firearms.

I will be printing battery holders for my house battery with that printer.

Nice post! These MEN need our support, and Prayers! We are fast approaching the need for a 1776 reset here, SMH!