Yes, V*ter, you were lied to and used. Did you learn anything?


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I'm kinda liking how so many who supported Bad'un are now realizing that he was never on their side. Don't they understand how politics works? (They may now.) Did they really imagine it was to benefit them?

This is a lesson I learned when I was still in my early 20s. Maybe most of those who seem surprised by recent developments are around that same age. Other than the slow learners...

They are feeling used, and the smarter ones realize they were lied to.

"His campaign promises aren't already Law? It can't be!"
"There were unintended consequences to the promises he has carried through on? Why didn't he tell us this was the case?"
"I'm getting the feeling we were used." Yeah, you were.

How many of them will still believe in the same old process next time? Most of them. Hope springs eternal and gullibility is almost bottomless.

But it can be amusing to watch it happen to them. I just wish you and I could stay out of the crossfire.

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I just sip my tea and laugh at the ignorance of these young progressives that thought the establishment would give them some power. No wonder they're still rioting.

"why weren't we told about the consequences?"

His media bitches covered

There are far more of them who still believe that a cyborg and his token black person will be saviors of some kind, come to save us from the evil clutches of Trump. Several of them sent me the poetic propaganda to prove this to me. I am baffled as to how so many can be so stupid.


12+ years of government-supremacist indoctrination, perhaps?


leftist supremacist indoctrination?

When they come back from college now, they are insufferable.


Yes, much of the government-supremacist indoctrination is of the Left-Statist sort. (But not all-- worshiping cops and praying allegiance to Holy Pole Quilt are two Right-Statist examples.)

One of my nieces used to be smart and rational. Now that she graduated college she lectures us about "intersectionality" and other statist superstitions. I no longer even want to be around her.