I Just Discovered Andrew Yang - US Presidential Race 2020 - Rolling Stone Interview

5개월 전

A friend of mine sent me this video and told me to watch it and after watching it I became and Andrew Yang supporter. The reason why this is monumental for me is due to my back story.

My family has been very involved in the Democratic Party in Hawaii and I grew up around Politics. I have been an Entrepreneur for the majority of my career. As I am a few years away from retirement age I decided to enter Public Service and work for the State Government and the last couple years has increased my issues with the Political system.

My friend sent me Andrew Yang's Rolling Stone interview and I immediately became a supporter. I binged on a few hours his interviews.

I am also in the Technology Field and work with the big Cloud and AI companies. I fully agree with Andrew's analysis of what technology is going to do with jobs. I see first hand how Government officials think they can easily retrain people late in their careers to do technology jobs. I have argued that it is next to impossible for the majority of people that spent the bulk of their careers in non-tech fields.

The only thing that I believe in that Andrew does not talk about is that how the displaced workers can help work on the new methods of producing food.

I just donated money to Andrew Yang's campaign and bought some of this merchandise.

I highly recommend that you check him out.


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