Britons and Americans most likely to think immigration is net positive?

4개월 전

Interesting survey from YouGov on attitudes to immigration. One of the interesting findings is that the UK and US populations are the most pro-immigration (in the UK the proportion who think immigration brings net benefit is pretty much the same as the proportion who think it brings net harm, in the US there's a lead for the first position while everywhere else there's a lead for the second position).

As mentioned before, Britain currently has a condorcet paradox in Parliament. The advent of which, came from the disputes over culture politics and identity. We no longer have coalitions which are distinguished from each other by way of their ideologies over economics and governance. Instead, we have a division across people living in globally connected successful city regions, and inhabitants in the countryside, small towns, and ex-industrial areas.

Radical nationalism has provoked response from people who consider themselves globalist as part of their identity, and the polls really show quite clear how contested these fronts really are.

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