Supreme Court reform.

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Here's a proposal for Supreme Court reform that I think might meet with bipartisan, cross-ideological approval:

Every June, we wait on pins and needles to see which opinions will be released on which day. Expert commentators who only expect to write and/or do media appearances on one or two cases still have to plan to be "on call" for all of the days on which "their" case might come down. Ditto for reporters covering these stories. That results in a great deal of wasted time, and aggravation. There's an obvious solution to this problem:

The Court can simply announce in advance which decisions will be issued on which day. In almost all cases the opinions are done at least a week or two before they are released. The Court can therefore just announce a week in advance which decisions will be issued the next week, and on which days. Everyone can then plan accordingly.

Changes to the schedule can always be made in the rare cases when new evidence emerges at the last minute, or a crucial swing-voting justice changes their mind late, thereby necessitating a rewriting of the decision. But the vast majority of cases can be released on a date known in advance.

I'm sure this will annoy hard-core traditionalists. But otherwise, what's not to like?

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