Question- Why are radical-right activists so much less societally acceptable than radical-left ones.



Please discuss.

Mao and Stalin killed a great deal more people than Hitler did. Why then is it more reasonable to be a neo-communist than to be a neo-Nazi? Obviously neither is great, but I would guess they should be treated equally?

Disclaimer- I swing to the left of politics and believe in a significant amount of government intervention and wealth redistribution in the form of public services.

Peace and Love

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I think the reason is the false history we are taught. Also how we are told to think of these historical figures. The reason it’s more acceptable to be a communist is the news only shows those who support communism. That’s there agenda. I bet if you went around asking, people don’t find communism anymore acceptable. Than nazis.


Mm I think that's bullshit. Most of the news in the western world is Murdoch owned which makes it further right wing than left... Yes sure maybe not enough bad emphasis is placed on Stalin and Mao, but they're certainly not celebrated.

My first question is, where did it say that it's more reasonable? Or is it more of a personal opinion for you?


Well if you are a neo-nazi, that is considered majorly fucked up and you will be ostracized from society- hopefully. If you are a Communist, that is generally considered a bit of a red flag (scuse the pun) however it would get the same type of reaction as "Hi, I'm a vegan." Get me?


haha the pun was great. I guess i've never really met anyone who has explicitly expressed that they were communists so I don't have any answer to that. I do however agree with the comment up top where it's not necessarily acceptable it's just in communist countries, they don't really have any kind of freedom to seek a different way of thinking and as for nazis, they clearly are living very freely and they've just chosen that kind of lifestyle.

I grew up in a 3rd world country, it's not a communist country but it's very very controlled by the government, whether we notice it or not. Growing up, there were only 2 channels we had on tv and both have their own pawn in the government and even the way we live, the soap operas dictate that, the way we believe in church, our entire society is Catholic.

I guess my answer to your question is, I don't think they're acceptable, it's more just the communists you're talking about aren't in the same environment you are in therefore there's not much exposure to them that we do with neo nazis. I mean they are in a controlled environment after all.

I tried to answer, lol.

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