Dominion over their earth claiming a Queen sits upon God's Throne but their Emperor has no clothes.

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Politics|Religion; 2 conversations that need to be had. Without drama, bias, prejudice, and bigotry. Without demonizing & defaming other people. Something that seems to be inherent within the 3 religions, faiths, beliefs, & opinions of Abraham, 3 words Heathen, Heretic, & Infidel.

Religions fuel the fire of politics and Politicians. What does Allah/the Hadith say about Killing/Stealing & Destroying? But do the Commandments agree? What says the Golden Rule about every situation regarding conflict, War, Conquer, Famine, & Death? Yoke easy Burden Light/aware.

Consider what YHWH, Jesus, Allah have to say and Test it according to the Golden Rule. Let that separate the Wheat from the Chaff, for the Christ/Messiah says that if it is of his God and Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Well then it must be good, the good tree brings good fruit. The good fruit of the Spirit.

The fruit of the flesh is Carnal but the fruit of the Spirit is Peace and Light. How then does Christianity produce Children that are not followers and Disciples of the Christ Messiah. But are Prayer Warriors claiming to at War on the Spiritual Plane.

War Mongers instead of Peace Makers that his God and Our Father in Heaven says he would call them Sons of God. "Blessed are the Peace Makers, they shall be called the Sons of God." So where are they, do they even exist?

Are there anyone that follows the Good Words of Gospel, Disciples of the Christ, that have put the Letter to the Test? Is it of man or of God, the GOOD God and father to all men and women/the children of God/Immortal Spirit within mortal flesh.

GOOD being the first word of a Good God or a Good Father. But what does that mean in translation and reinterpretation by the Priests of Rome. Corrupted and full of dead men bones, liars and the fathers of them claim to be perfect no matter how grievous their trespass and transgression against the children of God.

Dominion over their earth claiming a Queen sits upon God's Throne but their Emperor has no clothes.

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