Nobel Peace Prize goes to BLM

3개월 전

"And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to the Marxist Socialist group BLM." For creating the Summer of Love of 2020, mass Riots that cost the taxpayers over $2 Billion in damages, lawless rape zones, and for proving food don't grow on blue plastic tarps covered with bags of dirt.

Just another slap in the face by the Satanists of the DNC that believe they are above the law. Grace only for them no matter how twisted and vile their works. An affront to sane law-abiding peace-loving Americans that love what America stands for. But Satan sees evil as perfect and good as evil blessing their sins as long as he receives worship and praise.

While the rule of law and a curse demonizing deplorables as sexist, racists, xenophobe, etc; the 99% of the poor 2nd class citizens. That believe in independence and working hard to make a living, not government control & the handouts of Socialism. Nothing is free in this world and we all reap what we do or do not sow.

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